Happy Sunday! We’re still working on getting the site up and running, and looking good. This will be evolving over time.

More importantly, though, is that we’ve been transferring some tapes to digital. There’s a lot of material to sort through just from tapes from Sean Kutzko’s recordings. In addition, trombone player Morgan Powell has provided us with many recordings from his collection. So we have a lot of material to work on to get started.

Here’s a few MP3 samples of what’s coming in the future.

Sorgum – March 15, 1986  “Emulsified Bird Jank”


Team Concept – July 19, 1990 “So What”
Ray Sasaki – trumpet; Morgan Powell – trombone; Donnie Heitler – piano; Dan Anderson – bass; Bill French – drums


Bontuku with Oscar Sulley August 9, 1986  “Fire”



Sean Kutzko

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