Another Nugget Discovered

Jeff Machota sent me a copy of a mish-mash of Guido Sinclair stuff on two cassettes. While there are a lot of cuts and edits, the bulk of the material is of Sorgum backing Guido for  a Happy Blues Band gig n June 29, 1985.

At the end of one of the sets, Guido lets Sorgum play a few of their own tunes while he takes a break. It’s smoking!

This 30-minute MP3 snippet I’m posting is mostly the Sorgum Trio: Russell Cheatham on organ, Chuck Tripp on guitar and Walter “Jelly” Hines on drums. A tenor player joins them for the last tune, who I believe is Kevin Kizer…at least that ‘s who Guido announces is playing at the end of this stuff.

Emulsified Bird Jank >
Drum Solo >
The Yodel >
The Way I Feel (w/ Kizer?)

A nice little tidbit for you on this Saturday afternoon. This show won’t be released to the Archive soon; too many things to sort out on it first. But I’ll have a nice surprise coming out later today.


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